Terms & Conditions

Greyt Escapes offers a personalised service to fit in with you, your four legged friend and busy, hectic lives! However we do implement particular Ts & Cs to ensure our service runs as smoothly and effective as possible:

  • A trial walk will be completed prior to accepting future dogs to assess whether your dog/s are compatible with our regular bookings at present.

  • We offer payment to be made by monthly, weekly or on a pay as you go system. For payments made monthly we require payment to be made no later than the final day of the month. For payments made weekly, we require payment to be made no later than the final day of the week. If payment continues to be paid late, we have the right to refuse accepting future bookings. 

  • For cat other animal pop in visits whilst you are away on holiday, we require a 25% deposit to secure your booking for bookings for 7 days or longer. The remainder of the bill must be paid once the booking is complete.

  • We offer set rates for our dog walking packages however we add an additional charge for solo walks, weekend rates and bank holiday.

  • We have a strict cancellation policy whereby if a walk is cancelled 24 hours before the walk occurs, we still require a full fee.

  • We ask that your dog/s are fully vaccinated and treated for fleas before being able to engage with the other dogs that we walk.

  • We ask that your dog has an identification tag in line with the Control of Dogs order 1992. 

  • We ask that your dog/s is microchipped.

  • We do not require your dog to be spayed or neutered, however we need to be made aware as to not mix them with other dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered. You must inform us if your female dog is in season so we know whether to involve them in a group walk.

  • We ask your permission to allow your dog to be let off lead, however if we believe their recall to be inadequate we will keep them on a lead.

  • We will follow through with any training techniques your dog needs at your request (and your direction) however we do not offer training services ourselves. If your dog is involved in a group walk then we won’t be able to carry through with the training requirements as will need to give attention to all dogs involved in the group walk. 

  • For customers booking on an ad hoc basis, we cannot guarantee we will have availability especially if the booking is made last minute. Priority availability will be given to dogs booked on a regular basis. 

  • You must inform us if your dog/s has shown any aggressive behaviour towards any other dog, adult or child. 

  • If your dog/s display behaviour that affects our well-being we have the right to refuse future bookings.

  • If we find destruction in your property due to your puppy, we do not have the capacity to clean up after your puppy unless it has potential harm to them. If it does need to be cleaned up, the time taken will be included in their walk or visit.

  • We don’t offer dog walking services or pet sitting services where a dog/s will be left overnight alone. 

  • If we need to take your pet to the vet, the bill incurred will be paid by yourselves the owner.

  • We are not liable for any action by yourself that poses a threat to the security of your home i.e. keys being left under plant pots or doors left open. 

  • We will attend to the needs of the dog that you require, whist being mindful of being practical within the business. For example, it is unlikely we can carry out solo walks at lunch time, as this is prime time for dog walking and generating income. We cannot take on future bookings with set times, except for puppy visits. 

  • We will ensure your dog is transported safely either in a crate or with a seat belt.

  • We will update you on your dog/s on a need to know basis, unless you specifically like us to let you know how they get on after every walk. Photographs of your dog/s will be posted on our social media pages with your permission.

  • We won’t be responding to any form of contact by phone/text/WhatsApp/email during antisocial hours unless it's an emergency.

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