Pepper pup

Puppy Visits

Puppy visits to suit your requirements, can be made up of fuss, brushing, play-time, garden time, feeding, changing water and cleaning up any accidents, changing bedding etc. Can be split into 2 x 20 minute visits morning and afternoon, longer visits by negotiation.

From £8.00

Cat visits

Cat visits can include checking up on them, fuss, brushing, play-time, feeding, checking water, cleaning litter trays and  checking any ID collars are in place if you're away. 30 minutes, longer visits by prior arrangement.

From £7.00

small animal visit

Small animal visits for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other small animals. 30 minutes or flexible to your requirements, can include feeding, checking water, cleaning out hutches and cages. I can also look after your caged pets in my home while you're away.

From £7.00

Elderly Dog Visits

Elderly dog visits to suit your requirements can consist of fuss and attention, brushing, a short walk outside or in the garden, cleaning up any accidents, feeding, checking water, administering oral medication. 40 minutes, longer visits, half or full days by separate negotiation.

From £8.00
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