Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I work 9 - 5 so can you walk my dog at 1pm?

A. 12pm and 1 pm are our most commonly requested times as most of our clients work 9-5. Therefore we operate all our visits within four time slots: Early 8am - 11am, Midday 11am - 2pm, Afternoon 2pm - 5pm, Evening 5pm - 8pm.

Q. My dog isn't neutered, is this a problem?

A. No it isn't a problem and we are happy to take most unneutered dogs. However due to some behavioural traits, they will need to be matched carefully with dogs that are neutered or spayed and not all entire dogs will be suitable for group walks. Females on heat will be judged on an individual basis and walked at the discretion of their owner or they can receive a home visit instead.

Q. When can you start taking my puppy for walks and for how long?

A. Vets recommend that puppies don't go out until 7 days after their 2nd vaccination. Short walks can be incorporated into the 30 minute Puppy Visit at first, as a rough guide the recommendations are 5 minutes walk for every month of age. This is particularly important for the larger breeds.